RUN TIME:  65:00 (FEATURE) /  52:00 (BROADCAST)



When nine-year-old Carla suffers a life-threatening accident, her mother, Carmen, must leave her behind and make the dangerous and illegal journey from Bolivia to the U.S., where she hopes to earn enough to save her daughter’s life. Working in New York to support Carla’s medical needs, Carmen struggles in vain to legalize her immigration status, and wrestles with the prospect of never seeing her daughter again. Then, after six years of separation, Congress proposes “amnesty” legislation that could allow Carmen and Carla to be reunited at last... 

Filmed across three countries in a captivating cinematic narrative, LA AMERICANA is Carmen's story, and the story of millions of undocumented immigrants who must leave their families behind to pursue the elusive American dream. 

An intimate and powerful story, LA AMERICANA shows how immigration policy affects families on both sides of the border, putting a human face on this timely and controversial issue. Winner of multiple awards at film festivals across the country, La Americana is now being used as the centerpiece for a nationwide campaign to engage and inspire audiences to dialogue about immigrants’ rights and immigration reform.

"Expertly weaves the contemporary immigration debate into the tale of this unforgettable woman." - Filmmaker Magazine 
"Devastating. Shows firsthand how the political affects the personal." - Sun Sentinel 
"A moving and thought-provoking documentary." – The Lancet
"Smart... [has] a sense of weight and historical importance" - Austin Chronicle 



We are thrilled to announce that La Americana is being developed into a narrative feature film by Juliet Blake (The Hundred-Foot Journey) and Nicholas Bruckman (La AmericanaValley of Saints).  See the announcement in Variety: