Thank you for your interest in donating to Carmen and Carla Rojas, the mother and daughter portrayed in the documentary film La Americana.

Carmen is still caring for her daughter in Bolivia, thanks to the generous donations of the filmmakers, their families, and audience supporters who saw their story in the film. This fund has been established to maintain and improve Carla's health condition, and to prevent Carmen from being forced to return to the United States illegally, which would be dangerous and separate her once again from her daughter. To do this, we are giving Carmen financial assistance for Carla's physical therapy, diapers, and numerous medical expenses.

In order to respect Carmen's privacy, and due to the delicacy of her immigration status, we are keeping her personal contact and bank information private. Your donations will go to a U.S. Citibank account, which will be transferred on a monthly basis to Carmen's account in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Receipt of this transfer can be provided as requested.

We are additionally seeking contact from those connected to international health care organizations that may be able to provide free assistance to Carla outside of Bolivia. 

Please click the button above via paypal or mail a check to:

Carla & Carmen Rojas Fund
c/o Nicholas Bruckman
99 Vandam Street, 6W
New York, NY 10013

For more information please contact the director, Nicholas Bruckman at / 1-646-727-0710.


Please be aware that donations made are currently NOT tax-deductible.